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Thank you for your enquiry about membership of this site for Inspiration Teachers Online School.


Membership of this site is available by either enrolling for one of our professional development online courses from the Inspirational Teaches Online School or becoming a member of the Inspirational Teachers Network.


Our Inspirational Online School is a registered UK Continued Professional Development (CPD) provider and has a catalogue of Professional Development Courses to enable and support best practice and professional development for teachers. We deliver contemporary and innovative training geared at empowering and upgrading skills for improved standards of professional practice and confidence towards raising the attainment and achievement of pupils.

To enrol for any of our UK CPD Accredited courses, please visit


On the other hand, the Inspirational Teachers Network is made up of teachers and educators aimed at supporting one another through practical professional development, ideas sharing and collaboration towards better teaching practice and fostering excellence in education. We hope that through our activities, partnerships and support we can raise the profile of the teaching profession. Becoming a member of the Network will allow you take advantage of the unique benefits membership will present such as

*Free Entry/discounts to Inspirational Teachers Conferences*

*Access to Monthly Inspirational Teachers Live online/social media Training Sessions*

*Access to Inspirational Teachers Resources Bank*


To become a Network Member please visit


Where you can choose membership plans for Monthly, 6-Monthly or Yearly durations for costs of N2000, N10,000 or N20,000 respectively.


Again, we are delighted you are keen on being a part of us and look forward to welcoming you into membership of the Inspirational Teachers Network.


Best regards,


Eloho Awelewa,

For Administration

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