This is a comprehensive course which gives teachers the opportunity to explore how to inspire and engage students to achieve more through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education plays a vital role in equipping youth people with the knowledge and skills needed to participate in and contribute to Society.

Learning Outcomes
1. Definition of STEM and its importance.
2. Understand the importance of the STEM approach to learning
3. Aspects of STEM curriculum
4. Develop and manage resources effectively for STEM.
5. STEM enrichment opportunities within a primary school
6. STEM clubs and projects

How to teach STEM in schools

  • This is an online course. There are no physical classes. The course lasts for 90 days at a stretch. When you register, you will be added to a closed Whatsapp where you can interact with tutors and fellow students. 

    There will be quizzes, group discussions and assignments On completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion (at three levels; Distinction, Merit or Pass).