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 A comprehensive guide to teaching creative writing to students. 

Creative Writing Masterclass for Teachers

  • The course is designed to make you an expert Creative Writing Teacher in 90 days. At the end of this course, you will have developed confidence about the teaching of creative writing. You will be excited about the possibilities that this new knowledge presents. 

    You will learn about different types of creative writing and how to teach them. You will explore a shared approach, assessment for success and look at grammar for writing. By the end of the course, with amazing one to one support, you will have designed a scheme from creative writing. 

  • This is an online course. There are no physical classes. The course lasts for 90 days at a stretch. When you register, you will be added to a closed facebook community where you can interact with tutors and fellow students. 

    There will be quizzes, group discussions, assignments and a project. On completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion (at three levels; Distinction, Merit or Pass).

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