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Welcome to Inspirational Teachers School. This is your one stop centre for professional development. We are an accredited UK CPD Provider.


Here, you will find  amazing online courses for teachers who want to develop professionally and make a distinct difference in the educational sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our online courses are a convenient way to develop  at your own pace. All you need is access to the internet!


Our driving force is that Knowledge is Power. The educational system of a country is only as good as the quality of its teachers. This means that PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is key to the success of our educational system. We are teachers, we love teachers and the teaching profession. ITS aims therefore to deliver  contemporary and innovative training geared at empowering and upgrading skills for improved standards of professional practice and confidence towards raising the attainment and achievement of pupils.

This training school is where all our online courses are hosted. We have a vibrant community of Inspirational Teachers on WhatsApp and Facebook Platforms. Click on a image below to learn more about our trainers.


Sophia Ovonlen

Toyin -Profile picture.jpg

Toyin Sam-Emehelu

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