This online course will help you transform the way you teach Mathematics. 

You will learn strategies for enabling students build on their current capabilities whilst aiming for their highest potential in Maths. 

Each module is loaded with ideas, strategies and tools for you to try out right away in your classroom. With dedicated tutor support and practical ideas, you have so much to gain on this course. 

Maths Strategies for the 21st Century Teacher/Parent

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  • This course will show you strategies that work for all four operations in Maths.  You will learn about the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to teaching maths. There will be opportunities for you to explore approaches that help children develop mastery of mathematical concepts. At the end of the course, you will have designed a vibrant and creative maths scheme.


  • This is an online course. There are no physical classes. The course lasts for 90 days at a stretch. When you register, you will be added to a closed Whatsapp group where you can interact with tutors and fellow students. 

    There will be quizzes, group discussions, assignments and a project. On completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion (at three levels; Distinction, Merit or Pass).

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