This course is a complete guide to managing behaviour and classroom using positive approaches. This CPD course will guide you through a number of behaviour management strategies and techniques, from understanding the basics of running a classroom to dealing with varying levels of disruption.

Positive Behaviour Management Course

  • This online course will give you access to a range of videos, articles, presentations and animations that focus on a particular aspect of behaviour management. You will be given strategies/assignments to implement and have the opportunity to give feedback and refine your practice throughout the duration of the course. 

  • This is an online course. There are no physical classes. The course lasts for 90 days at a stretch. When you register, you will be added to a closed facebook community where you can interact with tutors and fellow students. 

    There will be quizzes, group discussions, assignments and a project. On completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion (at three levels; Distinction, Merit or Pass).